Teenager injured after falling from waterfall in Sri Racha

Surathat Makyu is carried by rescue personnel up the waterfall after falling from a considerable height and injuring his arm. He was transported to a hospital in Sri Racha for further treatment.

SRIRACHA, Thailand – In a dramatic rescue operation, the Sri Racha rescue unit responded to an emergency call on December 5, when a tourist fell down the Chan Ta Then Waterfall, in Bang Phra, Si Racha District about 50 kms north of Pattaya.

The victim, identified as 15-year-old Surathat Makyu, had fallen from a considerable height, sustaining injuries that prompted a challenging three-hour rescue effort. Surathat’s friends told rescue personnel that their group of six had planned a day trip to explore the Chan Ta Then Waterfall during their holiday. The accident occurred as they ascended rocky terrain towards the seventh level, resulting in the serious fall on the fourth level.

Upon reaching the fourth level of the waterfall, rescue teams found Surathat with bone injuries to his left arm and signs of shock. The operation involved applying first aid and carefully lowering the injured teenager to safety using securing ropes. After an initial assessment, rescue personnel Surathat was swiftly transported to a hospital in Sri Racha for further treatment.