Teen wielding airsoft guns spark panic at Pattaya festivities

Chaos unfolds as a 17-year-old teenager wielding airsoft guns incites fear and panic in the heart of Central Pattaya’s Songkran festivities, sending shockwaves through the crowd of over a thousand revellers.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Chaos erupted during the vibrant Songkran festivities as a teenager wielding airsoft guns incited fear and panic in Soi 7, Central Pattaya, sending shockwaves through the crowd of over a thousand tourists on April 15. Pattaya police swiftly apprehended the 17-year-old juvenile responsible for the terrorizing act, taking him to the police station for questioning.

Pol. Lt. Col. Thananon Athipansi, Deputy Superintendent of Pattaya police, stated that the confrontation ensued when the juvenile and his friends encountered another group participating in the water splashing festivities. Verbal exchanges escalated into physical violence, with the opposing group assaulting the juvenile’s younger sibling and provoking them. In retaliation, the juvenile retrieved the airsoft guns, wielding them menacingly to intimidate the other group before both parties dispersed.

Further investigations uncovered a history of disputes between the two groups. Months earlier, they were involved in a shooting incident at the beachfront near Mae Sriruen restaurant in Pattaya, resulting in injuries. Previous clashes, including physical assaults and the use of airsoft guns, were reported at Bali Hai Pier, indicating a simmering feud between the factions.

Authorities are committed to maintaining safety and security for residents and tourists throughout the remaining days of the Songkran festival. They urge all parties involved to seek peaceful resolutions to their conflicts and refrain from any further acts of violence.