Tourist police rescue lost Chinese traveller in Pattaya

Zhang An (2nd right) expresses heartfelt gratitude to the Pattaya tourist police who assisted him in locating his hotel after two days of wandering, emphasizing the profound relief and appreciation for their invaluable help.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Chinese tourist Zhang An, found himself lost in the bustling streets of Pattaya with no recollection of where his hotel was located. His situation grew increasingly dire as all his belongings were left behind, leaving him with just a room key devoid of any hotel identification.

Desperate to find his way back, Zhang An resorted to using his remaining funds to hire a motorcycle, hoping to navigate Pattaya until his resources were depleted. Thankfully, the swift action of the Pattaya tourist police turned the tide of Zhang An’s plight. On April 16, he was safely returned to The Right Resort on Pattaya Third Road, bringing an end to his two-day ordeal.

Expressing profound gratitude for the assistance and care provided by the tourist police during his ordeal, Zhang An emphasized the invaluable role they played in ensuring his safety and well-being.