Taxi trouble on Pattaya Walking Street

A taxi drives through Walking Street in Pattaya, blocking the traffic and causing inconvenience to other road users. Residents and tourists have complained about the unruly behaviour of some taxi drivers on the popular nightlife destination, but authorities have not taken any action to address the issue.

PATTAYA, Thailand, Dec 8 – Residents and tourists in Pattaya are facing daily difficulties due to the unruly behaviour of some taxi drivers on Walking Street, a popular destination for nightlife and entertainment.

According to several complaints received by reporters, taxis often park illegally on the road, blocking the traffic and causing inconvenience to other vehicles and pedestrians. When asked to move, the taxi drivers respond with aggression and foul language, creating a hostile environment for anyone who dares to challenge them.

Mr. Tom (not his real name), a resident who frequently uses Walking Street, said that he has witnessed many incidents of taxi drivers acting as if they own the road. “They don’t care about anyone else. They just park wherever they want, and if you try to talk to them, they will curse at you or threaten you. It’s very frustrating and scary,” he said.

He added that he has reported the issue to the authorities several times, but nothing has been done to address it. “They just say they will look into it, but nothing changes. It seems like they are afraid of the taxi mafia or something. It’s very disappointing,” he said.

Other residents echoed his sentiments, saying that taxis often cause traffic jams and accidents on Walking Street, especially during peak hours. They said that taxis sometimes stop in the middle of the road to pick up or drop off passengers, preventing other vehicles from passing through. They also said that taxis often charge exorbitant fares or refuse to use the meter, taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists.

The residents urged the authorities to take immediate action to regulate the taxi operations on Walking Street, and to enforce the law and order on the road. They said that the situation is affecting the reputation and safety of Pattaya, and that it needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

“We hope that the authorities will listen to our complaints and do something about it. Walking Street is supposed to be a fun and lively place, not a nightmare. We want to enjoy our city, not live in fear of the taxis,” they said.