Suspected human trafficking ring busted in Chonburi karaoke shop

Police conducted a sting operation at a karaoke shop in Chonburi, revealing evidence of human trafficking. Underage victims were rescued, highlighting the severity of the situation and the authorities’ commitment to combating such heinous crimes.

CHONBURI, Thailand – Police busted a suspected human trafficking network operating within a karaoke shop in Chonburi. The crackdown, executed on April 12, aimed to dismantle illicit activities and aid ensnared victims.

Police found four underage girls (all under 18) within the premises, believed to be trafficking victims. These young girls, whose educational aspirations were thwarted by family hardships including drug addiction, resorted to offering sexual services for survival.

Kanchit, 27, the manager of the establishment, confessed to receiving indecent proposals further implicated him in the criminal network. Incriminating evidence included a torn condom packet and marked banknotes, linking him to trafficking activities at a karaoke establishment in Phan Thong district.

The ATPD took Kanchit into custody for further investigation, and legal proceedings against the suspect are now underway. A police spokesman stated that the operation underscores the Thai authority’s unwavering commitment to combat human trafficking and safeguard vulnerable individuals.