Pattaya nightclubs inspected to ensure safety during Songkran

Law enforcement officers conduct thorough inspections at Pattaya nightclubs, scrutinizing patrons and staff, testing for drugs abuse and ensuring compliance with regulations during the Songkran Festival.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a concerted effort to uphold public safety and combat illegal activities during the Songkran Festival, a team of Pattaya law enforcement officers, accompanied by various police and administrative officials, conducted surprise inspections of entertainment venues in the area.

The operation, carried out with the aim of preventing illicit activities such as drug use, weapon possession, and clandestine prostitution, underscored the authorities’ commitment to ensuring the safety of tourists visiting Pattaya during the festive season. Collaborating closely with local businesses, the officers rigorously enforced regulations and promoted public safety measures to safeguard the well-being of both locals and visitors alike.

One of the primary targets of the operation was the nightclub ‘Ying Club’, located along Pattaya’s Third Road, where a significant number of Thai and Chinese tourists were observed patronizing the venue. Authorities halted the music, illuminated the premises, and conducted thorough document checks and body searches for drugs, segregating male and female patrons in the process.

Additionally, a pub named ‘Dirty’, situated in the southern alley of Soi Kho Pai in South Pattaya, was inspected by law enforcement officials. Although no customers were present at the time, the staff underwent scrutiny, with authorities ensuring compliance with regulations. No illegal activities were found during the inspection.