Sea, sky, stars sparkle at ASEAN Learning Center

Small children show off their “fun house” during the sea, sky and stars exhibition at the ASEAN Learning Center.

Children of migrant workers showed off their visions of the sea, sky and stars at an exhibition at the ASEAN Learning Center.

Radchada Chomjinda, director of the Human Help Network Foundation, opened the May 5 project-eased learning exhibition featuring the work of students, who are the children of Pattaya-area workers from neighboring countries.

The exhibition was divided into works by age group. The smallest kids made a “fun house” out of their classroom while older children showed off pattern-based artwork.

Teenagers were in charge of preparing the “sky” and “stars”.
The kids thanked their parents, staff and sponsors for attending by presenting them with gifts.

The children pose proudly with the Certificates of Achievement at the end of a most enjoyable day of learning.