A Bit of Buzz and Health at the Pattaya City Expats Club

Trevor Knight provides some key points to his PCEC audience about creating videos for YouTube presentation.

There were two guest speakers at the Pattaya City Expats Club meeting on Wednesday, May 3. First up was Trevor Knight who has the Buzzin Pattaya YouTube Channel. His topic was “My Journey as a Famous YouTuber”. He was followed by frequent presenter Barry Jones, Nutritionist, with a follow up message to his last presentation to the PCEC on April 5 about “Ageing and Declining Health – and some things you can do about it.”

One of the definitions from Oxford Languages for the word “Buzz” is that it is an atmosphere of excitement and activity. Trevor has created a YouTube channel that features the “Buzz” in Pattaya. To view his videos, visit https://www.youtube.com/@Buzzinpattaya where he comments that Pattaya is a great place and he will bring news updates, chats & discussions, and walkabouts in popular but lesser known places. He has lived in Pattaya for 11 years. He is married with a family and they have a family home in Korat.

He began with an explanation of how in 2016, he and a partner set up his earlier endeavor, the Buzzin Media Group to share information about what’s going on in Pattaya and elsewhere in Thailand through a variety of vehicles. For a summary of that presentation, visit https://www.pattayamail.com/ourcommunity/buzz-in-pattaya-55783.

However, he said, due to the Covid pandemic, it did not go as planned. During his down time as a result, he became interested in making YouTube videos. Trevor noted that millions of people watch YouTube daily, but his talk would be about what is it like on the other side as a creator of the presented videos.

After telling about the “Highs”, Trevor Knight mentions some of the “Lows” he experienced in creating and operating his YouTube Channel, Buzzin Pattaya.

Trevor pointed out that it is an emotional ride with both highs and lows. He started his YouTube Channel without any inkling of what would be involved. He said he soon realized it’s better to not worry about mistakes, just keep going. His channel started picking up momentum as he moved towards monetization which needed at least 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers to qualify. He then described how he had to wait and wait to get a much needed YouTube code and that he had to gain an understanding of YouTube and their algorithms to make it work.

He mentioned several things that must be considered such as cameras, lighting, sound (very important), and the difficulty with editing videos. Trevor said there are both highs and lows in being a YouTuber. The highs included meeting some incredible people, discovering that there is so much more to Pattaya than just girls and bars. Further, he gets paid to create videos, has had some fun and challenging experiences in doing “live streams”, and it afforded him an opportunity to help others through some charity work. The lows include the lack of any support from YouTube in making and uploading videos. Further, you also receive comments from haters that offer lies and accusations about you.

MC Ren Lexander presents Trevor Knight with the PCEC’s Certificate of Appreciation for his informative and interesting presentation about his Buzzin Pattaya YouTube Channel.

Barry Jones was next up with “Part II” to his previous presentation about the need for nutritional supplements. Visit https://www.pattayamail.com/latestnews/news/it-was-all-about-health-at-the-pattaya-city-expats-club-429205 for a summary of Part I. Barry gave a comprehensive presentation about Osteocalcin, which he explained is a protein hormone produced by osteoblasts, the cells that build bones. Further, he noted that it is an important protein that also acts as a hormone to adjust insulin and glucose levels, increase testosterone, and improve muscle strength and cognitive function.

He pointed out that Osteocalcin is responsible for binding calcium to bones, which is what gives bones their strength and flexibility. But, he explained, for this process to occur, osteocalcin first needs to be activated by vitamin K2. He then described the benefits of having a sufficient level of Osteocalcin and the health conditions one can encounter if it is too low.

Member Ren Lexander interviews Trevor Knight about his presentation to the PCEC. To see the video, visit the PCEC’s YouTube Channel at

Following the presentations, MC Ren Lexander called on George Wilson to conduct the Open Forum portion of the meeting, where questions are asked or comments made about Expat living in Pattaya and Thailand. To learn more about the PCEC, visit their website at: https://www.pcec.club. To view the presentations, visit the PCEC’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbvZ0y3w8ac for Trevor and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENF6FzDRRvI for Barry.

Barry explains to his PCEC audience the importance the hormone Osteocalcin to good health.

MC Ren Lexander presents Barry Jones with the PCEC’s Certificate of Appreciation for another fine presentation about how to maintain good health.