Sattahip joins Pattaya in banning illegal fireworks, lanterns for Loy Krathong

Officials inspect the 100 years market, checking the city for illicit sales.

Illegal fireworks and flying lanterns are banned for this weekend’s Loy Krathong holiday in Sattahip as well as Pattaya.

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Sattahip Interior Department Permanent Secretary Pikul Sopha, along with police and village headmen, inspected the 100 years market Oct 28, checking the city for illicit sales.

All four shops selling fireworks carried legal documents and were selling only permitted types.

Pikul observed how some types of fireworks are very lethal and are strictly prohibited. “Young people have been victims of these illegal fireworks in the past, especially during Loy Krathong and New Year festivals, and we have to protect them from severe injuries and body part losses,” Pikul said.

The inspection found four shops selling fireworks, but all four carried legal documents and sold only permitted types.

Pikul reiterated that Sattahip also prohibits flying lanterns that can cause house fires and disturb aircraft. Those violating the law may face up to 3 years imprisonment or fined 60,000 baht or both.

It is important to keep fireworks away from children and use extra care when lighting them off.