Sattahip couple reconciles after stabbing incident

Arak Petsombat, receives medical attention for his chin wound after his wife Vilawan attempted to stab him with a broken glass at their home. The couple kissed and made up at the police station, hoping to put the matter to rest.

SATTAHIP, Thailand – A domestic dispute at a Sattahip residence on December 3 resulted in a minor injury and a mutual apology between a married couple. The couple, Arak Petsombat, 45, and Vilawan Salangam, 47, voluntarily approached the Sattahip Police Station officers to give their statements and clear the matter.

According to the statements, the incident was triggered by Arak’s excessive drinking and verbal aggression towards his wife. Vilawan, fearing for her safety, grabbed a large glass, broke it on the table, and swung it at her husband. Arak dodged the attack, suffering a slight stab wound to the face, but stumbled and fell injuring his chin which bled profusely. He was rushed to the Sattahip Hospital on KM 10, where he received 15 stitches for his wound.

The couple expressed remorse for their involvement in the altercation and apologized to each other. Arak acknowledged his mistake in provoking his wife and pledged to reduce his alcohol intake and refrain from engaging in further disputes. Vilawan expressed regret for the situation and warned that the consequences might be more severe if there were to be a next time. The couple opted to return home together, hoping to put the matter to rest.

The Sattahip Police Station officers documented the preliminary investigation and advised the couple to seek counseling and avoid violence. They also reminded the couple that domestic abuse is a serious crime and can lead to legal action and imprisonment.