Safety concerns mount as poorly lit roadwork plagues Pattaya

Residents and commuters navigate the poorly illuminated construction site along Pattaya Third Road, near Soi Chalermprakiat 25, expressing deep concerns over safety hazards and traffic disruptions.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Deep-seated concerns grip residents and commuters along Pattaya Third Road, specifically at Soi Chalermprakiat 25, as ongoing road excavation lacks essential safety precautions. The absence of warning signs and adequate lighting has shrouded the area in darkness, exposing both drivers and pedestrians to significant risks. The construction’s disregard for safety standards has resulted in frequent accidents, creating a hazardous environment.

The persistently poorly lit construction site has become a focal point of concern, with locals emphasizing the prolonged existence of perilous conditions. The excavation work, conducted without meeting essential safety standards, has contributed to a high incidence of accidents.

Critics point out that the roadwork, conducted without adherence to safety standards, reflects poorly on city management. Public outcry has intensified, urging authorities to take immediate action to rectify the issue. Accusations of negligence directed at Pattaya city officials have gained traction, indicating an ongoing problem of lax safety measures.

A critical issue highlighted by residents is the restricted space for vehicles, causing congestion and bottlenecks. With only one usable lane, the opposite side of the road transforms into a makeshift parking space, further complicating traffic flow. The influx of vehicles entering and exiting the area reveals a severe flaw in the overall traffic management system.

Residents and concerned citizens demand swift action from Pattaya city administrators to address these safety concerns. They stress the urgency of implementing proper safety measures, including warning signs, ample lighting, and adherence to established construction safety standards. The hope is that these measures will alleviate risks and contribute to a safer environment for all road users. If the issues persist, the public insists on escalating the matter to ensure a resolution to this ongoing problem.