Rotary Club Pattaya Marina brings compassion to female inmates at Pattaya Remand Prison

President Gerard Porcon and members of Rotary Club Pattaya Marina delivers essential items to female inmates at Pattaya Remand Prison, spreading compassion and support.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Members of the Rotary Club Pattaya Marina, led by President Gerard Porcon and Past President Saowanee ‘Ava’ Thongkham, organized a charitable initiative at Pattaya Remand Prison in East Pattaya on June 19. The donation drive aimed to provide essential items for female inmates, including soap, toothpaste, powder, detergent, sanitary pads, underwear, food, and sports equipment.

“This sports equipment is intended to promote physical activity among inmates, fostering health and well-being within the prison community,” said Ava, highlighting the initiative’s broader impact. This marks the second consecutive year of their “Empowering Girls” project, aligned with International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8. Saengduan Pamenter from M&M Sport & Music Bar and other contributors joined in, emphasizing community collaboration in supporting rehabilitation efforts.

Members of Rotary Club Pattaya Marina engage with prison staff to ensure meticulous distribution of donated essentials, fostering health and well-being among female inmates.

Prison warden Sonthaya Singhara Na Ayudhya and staff expressed heartfelt gratitude for the donations, acknowledging their significant impact on female inmates who often lack family support. He assured the Rotarians that all items would be meticulously distributed to maximize their benefit.

Following a guided tour of the prison facilities by Warden Sonthaya, a special cabaret show featuring dancers from M&M Sport & Music Bar brought moments of joy and entertainment to the inmates, concluding a day marked by compassion and community support.

President Gerard reiterated the club’s ongoing commitment to these women, emphasizing the enduring value of their contributions. “The Rotary Club Pattaya Marina’s initiative reflects our steadfast dedication to humanitarian causes, embodying the spirit of empowerment and solidarity in Pattaya.”