Large python captured near community football field; 21 eggs uncovered

Firefighters from Surasak Municipality carefully captured a large python near Panja Arena Football Field in Sri Racha. A clutch of 21 python eggs was also found nearby.

SRI RACHA, Thailand – Residents of Surasak Sub-District in Sri Racha were alarmed when a large python was found coiled in the bushes near the Panja Arena Football Field, prompting fears of potential danger to pets and children in the nearby community. Concerned residents immediately alerted municipality rescue workers asking for assistance.

On June 21, firefighters from Surasak Municipality discovered the python, measuring approximately 4.11 meters in length and weighing 40 kilograms, hidden among the bushes. Capturing the snake posed a significant challenge due to its size and resistance. Using specialized snake-catching tools, the team carefully extracted the python and secured it in a sack for safe relocation to a forested area far from residential zones. In addition to the python, the rescue team uncovered a clutch of 21 python eggs nearby, underscoring the presence of a breeding ground potentially close to human habitation.

Kanthanat Em-im, 30, who raised the alarm, recounted that the previous day, during a football match at Panja Arena, a young person spotted the python in the bushes and alerted him. Although he attempted to locate the snake, it had already slithered away. The following day, upon discovering fresh snake tracks, Kanthanat contacted the Surasak Municipality Fire Department for assistance. Firefighters found the python coiled under a tree and made the discovery of the eggs during their operation.

The swift action taken by the rescue team ensured the safety of the football field users and local children from the potential threat posed by the python. The reptile was relocated to a suitable habitat away from residential areas, ensuring the well-being of both the community and the snake itself.