Road collision sparks chaotic brawl at Pattaya police station

Amidst the aftermath of a minor traffic accident, police officers intervene to separate warring parties in the parking lot of the Pattaya Police Station, striving to restore order amidst a chaotic brawl.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Tensions flared outside the Pattaya City Police Station on February 27 as a minor traffic collision erupted into a chaotic brawl, prompting swift police intervention to restore order and detain the involved parties.

The incident unfolded following a collision between a white Toyota Yaris, driven by Theerapong Manisri, 28, and a blue BMW driven by Watcharaphon Pholpakdee, 36, near the old petrol station along Soi Photsisan. Despite both parties calling their insurance companies for assessment, the situation escalated when the BMW driver, allegedly under the influence, disputed the outcome, sparking a verbal altercation.

Subsequently, police summoned both parties to the station on Beach Road in an attempt to resolve the dispute. However, tensions escalated further, leading to a second confrontation. Allegedly instigated by the BMW group, the situation devolved into a physical fight as associates of the BMW party arrived and attacked Theerapong.

Law enforcement swiftly intervened to subdue the melee and apprehend all individuals involved for further investigation. Preliminary actions included detaining all suspects and initiating legal proceedings. Authorities are committed to handling the collision incident in accordance with the law to determine liability. Charges related to public disturbances and engaging in physical altercations will also be addressed, underscoring efforts to restore peace and order in public spaces.