Injured Finn rescued from blood-stained Pattaya apartment

After rescuing Kontiainen from his blood-stained room, police officers expedite his transportation to the hospital for urgent medical attention.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In the early hours of February 27, residents of a Soi Bua Khao apartment complex alerted authorities to a troubling situation involving a foreign national, prompting a swift and urgent response from local law enforcement. Security personnel gained entry to the apartment, where they encountered a scene of disorder, with belongings strewn around the room and bloodstains on the bed and walls.

The troubled man identified as 29-year-old Finnish national Kontiainen, was in a state of distress exhibiting erratic behavior, with visible injuries, including lacerations to his face and shoulder. Details surrounding the circumstances leading to Kontiainen’s injuries remain under investigation, with authorities yet to determine factors such as potential intoxication or underlying causes of his distress.

Following initial assessment and administration of first aid, Kontiainen was promptly transported to Banglamung Hospital for urgent medical attention. Authorities continue to investigate the incident, striving to ascertain the underlying causes and ensure appropriate support for the Finn’s well-being.