Heroic citizens prevent tragedy on Pattaya pedestrian bridge

After being safely rescued, Pattaya City police console the distressed woman, ensuring her well-being and providing support after the harrowing incident on the pedestrian walkway over Sukhumvit Highway.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A dessert vendor en route to Sattahip, became an unexpected hero on February 27 as he intervened to prevent a potential tragedy on a pedestrian bridge near Pattaya City School 7 on Sukhumvit Road.

Witnessing a young woman perilously attempting to walk along the outer edge of the bridge, Pradit Yoosawad, 46, swiftly halted his vehicle, raising the alarm and alerting authorities. He courageously approached the distressed individual, urging her against her precarious actions, while simultaneously summoning assistance from Pattaya City Police.

Despite the collective efforts of concerned citizens who halted their vehicles to caution the woman, her resolve to remain on the edge of the bridge heightened distress among onlookers. In a decisive moment, one citizen took bold action, approaching the woman and safely guiding her back from the brink of danger.

Police confirmed that the woman, identified as Miss Wannipha (last name withheld), aged 24, had been safely retrieved from the bridge by the vigilant citizen. However, she remained disoriented and unable to provide coherent details of the incident.

Subsequent inquiries revealed Miss Wannipha’s residence, and police officers ensured her safe return home, leaving her in the care of neighbors with instructions to monitor her well-being and prevent any further potential incidents. Police commended the swift and selfless actions of Pradit Yoosawad and the courageous intervention of the unidentified citizen averted a potential tragedy.