Ride-hailing app drivers get beatdown from Pattaya taxi mob

Bolt drivers Somchai Thongdee and Kriangsak Tubtimthong, their faces swollen from the beat down, reported to police that they were brutally attacked by a gang of Pattaya taxi drivers.

Two Bolt drivers were hurt after being set upon by a gang of Pattaya taxi drivers.

Somchai Thongdee, 40, and Kriangsak Tubtimthong, 39, reported to police Jan. 16, their faces swollen from the beat down. Kriangsak needed three stitches.

The men, who have faced threats from taxi drivers who can’t compete with the fair and metered pricing used by ride-hailing app cabs, had set up a meeting with 30 taxi drivers at the Pattaya Bus Terminal.

Kriangsak claimed they had agreed to divide the zone where regular taxis and ride-hailing drivers could co-exist. But the talks broke down and men not dressed as taxi drivers and suspected to be part of a crime gang, jumped them and beat them until the two escaped.

Police are investigating.