Religious Leaders from 8 countries pray online to end COVID-19


While The COVID-19 pandemic has led the world to an unprecedented despair, causing economic and social disruption, HWPL, an international peace organization, held “Online Prayer to Overcome COVID-19” on Oct. 17 with religious leaders from eight countries, including Myanmar, Thailand Rwanda and Burundi.

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Attended by 37 religious leaders representing Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, the event was held with the intent of breaking down the walls of religion and denomination by praying in harmony to overcome the disaster under one common purpose for humanity.

Religious leaders took the opportunity to pray for those affected, the end of the COVID-19 along with pray for overcoming the crisis that is emerging throughout society. They also had conversations to share the difficulties in each country.

Eugene Sibomana, a pastor of Grace Communion International Burundi said, “It was a wonderful program and plan of linking religious leaders for a such prayer meeting and sharing ideas and experiences. I do encourage HWPL leaders to keep up this good vision and we pray for that your ministry be expanded around the World.”

Meanwhile, HWPL is an international peace organization founded for global peace and cessation of war. HWPL has partnered with citizens and organizations from over a hundred countries in order to advocate peace. The HWPL Interfaith Dialogue, the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office Meetings, has been conducted through virtual meeting in 253 offices in 129 countries.