Reckless grandma injures 3 grandkids in motorbike crash

Grandma Somsri the reckless biker looks over her three little grandchildren who were injured when she crashed her bike carrying the kids into a large bike.

A Sriracha woman carrying three young grandchildren on her motorbike cut off a large motorcycle and crashed.

Paramedics arrived Dec. 29 at the Honeywell factory in the Hemmaraj Borwin Industrial Estate to find reckless-driving granny Somsri and her 3-, 5-, and 7-year-old grandkids cut, scraped and bruised. They were treated at Laem Chabang Hospital.

Granny had piled three kids onto her motorbike and then proceeded to cut off a Honda CB650 driven by Apichart, 38. In the process, the big bike hit Somsri’s tailpipe and she lost control of the overloaded bike.

Paramedics treat the 3 children for their cuts and bruises as grandma Somsri consoles them.