Rare orange bat resembling butterfly found in Rayong farm

Jitanapa carefully cradles her precious discovery, a rare orange bat, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of this remarkable creature found in Rayong.

RAYONG, Thailand – Local residents tending to a farm stumbled upon an uncommon orange-coloured bat bearing a resemblance to a butterfly, sparking intrigue and prompting an investigation into the mysterious creature. The discovery, made amidst preparations for a durian plantation in Klaeng District, Rayong, garnered attention from media outlets, prompting reporters to visit the site on February 28 for further inspection.

Among the residents present during the discovery was Miss Jitanapa, 29 years old, along with fellow villagers. The creature, approximately the size of a palm, boasted distinctive orange markings on its abdomen and intricate black patterns adorning its wings, with a wingspan measuring around 20 centimetres.

Jitanapa, who initially mistook the bat for a butterfly when it alighted on her boyfriend’s hand, speculated that it may have flown from the nearby banana grove. Despite her initial surprise, she managed to capture the bat, an act met with unanimous excitement from the residents, spanning generations, who expressed never having encountered such a species before.

Close-up of the vibrant orange bat with intricate black patterns on its wings, showcasing its unique and captivating appearance.

Although admitting to a general fear of winged creatures, Jitanapa valiantly apprehended the bat under the assumption it was a butterfly. However, upon closer inspection, she realized its true identity, leading to her astonishment. Intrigued by the rare finding, Jitanapa turned to the internet, discovering that the species in question is scarce and teetering on the brink of extinction in Thailand.

Viewing the encounter as a fortuitous occurrence, Jitanapa opted against keeping the bat as a pet and expressed her intent to release it back into its natural habitat. The discovery has ignited excitement and curiosity among the local community, fostering a newfound appreciation for the rich wildlife diversity within their vicinity.