Police mandate Jomtien bars to comply with noise regulations

Residents demand action as authorities are pressured to quell disruptive bar noise in Soi Wat Boon, Pattaya, amid tensions between locals and businesses.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Residents of an apartment complex on Soi Wat Boonkanchanaram off Jomtien Beach Road raised serious concerns about the constant noise coming from a nearby bar, disturbing the peace of the residents, particularly foreign tourists struggling to sleep. They called on authorities, including the police and local officials, to regulate the excessive noise from the popular establishment.

On February 29, representatives from the community of bar owners convened to address the issue. While acknowledging previous discussions with apartment owners, wherein they were encouraged to mitigate noise levels, they were surprised by the escalation of the matter to law enforcement due to alleged violations of noise regulations.

Subsequently, bar representatives have engaged in internal deliberations to confront the noise problem and ensure compliance with legal stipulations. They have expressed readiness to engage in further dialogues with apartment owners, seeking a mutually agreeable solution. Both parties share an interest in sustaining their businesses while fostering harmony within the local community.

Concurrently, in response to complaints from apartment owners in Wat Boonkanchanaram, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya police have taken assertive measures. Pol. Col. Navin Thirawit, Superintendent of the Pattaya Police Station, ordered the deployment of special operations officers to conduct inspections of bars in the area.

During these inspections, police questioned bar owners and employees, evaluating adherence to noise regulations. Establishments accused of blaring excessively loud music, thereby disturbing local residents and tenants, were subject to close scrutiny to ensure compliance with the law.

The police chief voiced dissatisfaction with business owners who neglect regulations, highlighting their contribution to community unrest. He emphasized the importance of these establishments setting a positive example by operating strictly within the legal framework.

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