Public outcry over abandoned cables amid infrastructure overhaul in Pattaya

Workers remove cables during infrastructure overhaul in Pattaya, leaving them piled on pavements and public spaces, sparking concerns for pedestrians and motorists.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A wave of public outcry has surged on the official Facebook page of Mayor Direct Line, as citizens express alarm over the abandoned cables strewn across various locations in Pattaya. The outcry follows the commencement of demolition and restructuring of communication lines along South Pattaya Road by the Public Utility Division of the Pattaya Municipal Electrical Engineering Office, Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Pattaya Office, and a private company.

On March 23, one concerned commenter highlighted the sight of communication lines dangling across the beach, questioning the decision to abandon them above ground when the expectation was for them to be buried underground. Another resident raised doubts about the handling and disposal of the removed lines, recalling a previous incident where sparking power lines caused a fire in the middle of the night, disaster narrowly avoided thanks to prompt action.

These comments underscore the growing apprehension among residents regarding the ongoing infrastructure changes and the potential risks they pose. The municipality and relevant authorities are urged to address these concerns promptly to ensure public safety and bolster confidence in the projects.