Navy officer shoots burglar during robbery attempt in Sattahip

After shooting a burglar in self-defense, Thai navy officer Capt. Patsamith Nimoreung displays the artefacts that were stolen from his house.

SATTAHIP, Thailand – A burglary attempt took a dramatic turn when a homeowner shot the fleeing burglar in self-defence on March 23. The incident occurred at a two-story house targeted by intruders with intentions of robbery.

Sattahip police discovered the suspect, later identified as 44-year-old Metanee Phutso, inside the house, wearing a balaclava to conceal his identity. He was found injured, with a gunshot wound on his left arm from a 9mm firearm, and a brown shoulder bag containing valuables, including Buddha statues and religious artefacts belonging to the homeowner, navy officer Capt. Patsamith Nimoreung, 51, nearby.

Medical personnel provided initial assistance to the injured suspect before transferring him to the emergency room at Queen Sirikit Hospital. Meanwhile, Capt. Patsamith awaited police questioning and surrendered the 9mm automatic pistol used in self-defence as evidence.

Capt. Patsamith revealed that his house had been targeted for robbery seven times recently. On the night of the incident, he armed himself after hearing noises outside his residence. Confronting two assailants, he warned them to stop, but when one reached for his bag, he fired a warning shot. As the suspect persisted, he aimed for the left arm to prevent further aggression, prompting the accomplice to flee.

Preliminary questioning of the suspect suggested they intended to return stolen religious artefacts from a previous burglary out of fear of repercussions. Investigating officers summoned Capt. Patsamith for questioning and seized the firearm for further examination. Legal proceedings are underway, with continuing efforts to track down the fleeing suspect and prosecute all individuals involved in the attempted robbery.

Sattahip police exhibits the 9mm handgun used by Navy officer Capt. Patsamith Nimoreung in self-defence and to stop the burglars’ attempted getaway.