Poor Pattaya people wait for free food until foreigners arrive

Heavy rain could not deter the poor people of Pattaya from waiting in long queues to pick up a box of food to get them through the day.

There may be light at the end of Pattaya’s long, dark coronavirus tunnel, but until the city reopens to foreign tourists, people are still starving.
Resident Syria Sae-Chai and Jiraporn and Oiy from the Pattaya Municipal Police handed out 200 meal boxes on Pattaya Beach at Soi 6 Oct. 27.

While Pattaya has seen an uptick in Thai and expat tourism on weekends and holidays this month, it’s not enough to dig Pattaya residents out of their deep financial holes. Most still are not working, or don’t have enough customers to pay the food bills.
The meal boxes save them at least 50 baht. Every bit helps, said motorcycle-taxi driver Sommai.

He and hundreds of others stood in the rain to get a hot-cooked meal. Sommai said he did it because, most days, he earns only about 100 baht. Some days he makes nothing.
He said business will not improve until foreign tourists arrive, bars reopen and bar workers go back to work.

People who came for food try to stay dry under an umbrella as the rain pelts down.
Sommai, a motorbike taxi driver said that on some days he made 100 baht, but most days he goes home empty handed.