Police raid finds no illegal activities in Pattaya karaoke

Pattaya police made an impromptu inspection at Planet Karaoke, but did not find any violations or illicit activities in the premises.

Pattaya police conducted an impromptu inspection at Planet Karaoke, located off Pattaya 3rd Road, on the night of June 6 to inspect whether there were any irregularities related to drug use, firearms, the presence of minors under 18 years old, foreign tourists without proper identification, and to ensure that employees were not involved in drug-related activities within the premises.

The inspection involved a thorough search of the establishment, including urine tests conducted on the employees to detect any signs of drug use. Additionally, authorities conducted a search for prohibited items. However, no violations or illicit activities were discovered during the inspection.

The spontaneous inspection at Planet Karaoke underscores the commitment of Pattaya police to prevent and suppress drug-related activities within entertainment venues in the city. By ensuring compliance with regulations and promoting a safe environment, law enforcement aims to maintain the safety and well-being of residents and visitors alike.