Pipe repairs turn Pattaya tap water black

A Soi Potisan 12 resident show that stinking black water comes gushing out from his tap.

The Provincial Waterworks Authority said recent pipe repairs have churned up harmless sediment in Naklua pipes and said water clarity already is improving.

PWA Pattaya Manager Narong Pungpadung on April 6 acknowledged complains from Soi Phothisan 12 residents about black, smelly water pouring from home faucets for several days.

Resident Tongmeng Sae-Jong said water began getting darker April 1 but turned black since April 3. He and his neighbors were afraid to use the tap water.

But Narong said the water was safe to use and is already clearing up.

The utility performed pipe repairs on April 1 and the processed stirred up residual sludge and sediment. Once the neighborhood has flushed the pipes clean, regular water quality will return.

The water from the tap is black, murky and stinking.


PWA Pattaya Manager Narong Pungpadung claims the water is clearing up and safe to use.