Pattaya woman risks losing eye due to negligence at home-based salon

A Pattaya woman faces the risk of losing her eye due to negligence at a home-based salon during an eyelash extension procedure.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya resident, Ms. Baifern (pseudonym), 40, reported a severe eye infection resulting from a liquid used in an eyelash extension procedure performed at a home-based salon in Nong Manow, East Pattaya.

Ms. Baifern recounted that during the procedure on March 8, she began experiencing irritation. Despite informing the technician about the burning sensation, she was advised to use a fan to alleviate the discomfort. The irritation persisted, accompanied by continuous watering of the eyes. The condition worsened significantly around March 17-18, prompting her to self-medicate with anti-inflammatory drugs, underestimating the severity of the issue.

By March 20, her eyes had turned red and cloudy, prompting a visit to a clinic. The clinic diagnosed a severe eye infection and advised immediate contact with her family. Shocked by the gravity of the situation, Ms. Baifern sought further treatment at Somdet Sriracha Hospital but was warned of the high costs without insurance coverage. She then went to Chonburi Hospital, where she was admitted. Doctors informed her of the possible necessity of removing the infected eye, as her vision could not be restored even if the eye was retained.

Ms. Baifern has since reported the incident to the Bang Lamung Police Station. In terms of legal proceedings, the case involves both criminal and civil aspects. The allegation is of negligence causing significant harm, with potential claims for damages. Ms. Baifern, a public relations professional whose livelihood relies on her appearance, now faces substantial losses. The damages claimed will cover medical expenses, travel costs, and loss of income.

Her legal representatives plan to file a lawsuit but is open to mediation with the involved parties. They emphasized the importance of this case as a cautionary tale for those seeking beauty enhancements. They urged individuals to ensure treatments are conducted by reputable and standard-compliant establishments. The police are expected to summon the parties for investigation and potential resolution. When contacted, the salon responsible for the eyelash extension denied any knowledge of the incident, stating they were currently in Bangkok.