Pattaya unveils traffic plan for Jomtien beach enhancement project

Deputy Mayor Kritsana Boonsawat unveils the comprehensive traffic management plan for the impending Jomtien Beach Road construction project.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Deputy Mayor Kritsana Boonsawat spearheaded a crucial meeting at Wat Krathingthong in Jomtien on February 23, aimed at elucidating the intricacies of the traffic management plan for Jomtien Beach Road. The gathering, attended by local entrepreneurs, sought to disseminate vital information regarding the upcoming construction project and alternative routes.

The City of Pattaya has embarked on a comprehensive development endeavour to revitalize Jomtien Beach, addressing longstanding issues of flooding and urban infrastructure. However, this ambitious undertaking is poised to impact public transit, traffic flow, and residents residing in the construction vicinity. In response, authorities organised a meeting to ensure transparent communication and streamline operations.

Central to the discussions was Pattaya’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the city’s landscape for the collective benefit of its populace. Scheduled to commence on March 1, the project entails significant adjustments to traffic patterns along Jomtien Beach Road. Notably, two lanes on the beach side, spanning from the intersection of Pattaya Police Station Dong Tan Branch to Chaiyapruek Intersection, encompassing a stretch of 3.7 kilometres, will be temporarily closed. This closure is imperative to facilitate the installation of drainage infrastructure and elevate the aesthetic appeal of Jomtien Beach, with an estimated completion timeframe of 19 months and a budget of 200 million baht.

In anticipation of these changes, revisions have been made to traffic routes along key thoroughfares such as Thappraya Road, Wat Boonkanchanaram Road, and Chaiyapruek Intersection. Furthermore, special provisions have been instituted for adjacent streets including Jomtien Sois 5, 14, 7, 11, and 14/1. While access along the Grand Hotel side street will remain unimpeded, periodic restrictions on parking will be enforced to facilitate the smooth progression of construction activities and accommodate the needs of entrepreneurs and the general public.

During the meeting, residents were apprised of the proposed traffic management plan, with construction activities slated to commence in tandem. Pattaya authorities reaffirmed their commitment to mitigating disruptions and delegated responsibilities to pertinent departments and the contracted construction firm, underscoring a collective endeavour to minimize inconvenience and optimize efficiency for all stakeholders.