Pattaya students commemorate Makha Bucha Day at Wat Chaimongkhol Temple

Students and teachers circumambulation the main chapel at Wat Chaimongkhol, as they engage in spiritual reflection during Makha Bucha observances.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Teachers and students from Pattaya City School 8 gathered at Wat Chaimongkhol on February 23 to honour Makha Bucha Day, showcasing the school’s commitment to preserving Thai culture and Buddhist traditions.

Makha Bucha Day, celebrated on the first full moon of the third lunar month, commemorates the historic gathering of 1,250 of the Buddha’s disciples over 2,500 years ago at Veluvana, now Venu Van Park in India. It emphasizes Buddhist principles of compassion, unity, and ethical conduct.

The day’s activities at Pattaya City School 8 were carefully designed to impart the significance of Makha Bucha Day which falls on February 24. Students engaged in educational sessions exploring its origins and practices, fostering a deeper understanding of Buddhist traditions.

A solemn procession at Wat Chaimongkhol Temple marked the highlight of the day, where students walked reverently around the temple grounds. Rituals including making merit, offering alms, and listening to sermons were observed, embodying the essence of Makha Bucha.

Students from Pattaya City School 8 participate in a solemn procession at Wat Chaimongkhol, commemorating Makha Bucha Day.

As evening descended, candlelight illuminated the temple during an atmospheric circumambulation around the sacred chapel. Amidst chanting monks and the fragrance of incense, students embraced the spiritual journey symbolizing righteousness and enlightenment.

Through their participation, students honoured the legacy of Makha Bucha, strengthening their connection to cultural heritage and spiritual values. As they carry forth these teachings, they embody compassion, harmony, and inner peace, enriching their lives and community.