Pattaya residents happy they can socialize on street again

Pattaya residents thanked city hall for changing the light bulbs on the utility poles in front of their homes and are now able to spend their evenings socializing under the bright lights again.

A Pattaya councilman checked out a damaged electricity tower and lights in East Pattaya. Dilok Thongnak visited the Khao Talo Community on March 26 to check out the 9-meter pole that was hit by a car. Residents feared it would fall over. The Provincial Electricity Authority was asked to look into it.

Dilok then responded to complaints of residents on Soi Chaloemphrakiat 33 about burned-out streetlight bulbs. The lights on the electric pole were replaced and the residents were able to enjoy fellowship under the bright lights again.

A CCTV picture in the city’s command center shows the broken 9-meter pole that was hit by a car and was almost toppling over.