Pattaya rescue volunteer loses motorbike to curfew-hours thieves

Vaitawit Kankunrum, a volunteer for the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation, woke up Friday morning to find his motorcycle stolen.

A Pattaya thief rewarded a local rescue volunteer for his selfless service by stealing his motorbike.

Vaitawit Kankunrum, 28, of the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation, said clips from closed-circuit cameras in Jomtien Beach showed three men stealing his CF Moto bike from his home Sept. 9.

After filing a theft report at the Nongprue Police Station, Vaitawit told reporters Sept. 10 he had parked as usual in front of his house that night. When he woke up, it was gone.

He said cameras showed three men out after curfew. Vaitawit left a note to the thieves where the bike had been parked, asking for it to be returned as the volunteer has to continue making payments on the motorcycle for three more years.

The Pattaya area has suffered a rash of motorbike thefts between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. when the law-abiding public is at home during the mandatory curfew, leaving thugs to roam the streets.

Despite far fewer people on the streets, Pattaya-area police have been ineffective in catching the after-hours hoodlums.

Vaitawit used his 650 CC blue-black motorcycle for emergency rescues.