Pattaya railway station abuzz as Songkran travellers return to Bangkok

Crowds eagerly board trains bound for Bangkok at the bustling Pattaya Railway Station, as holiday revellers conclude their Songkran festivities and embark on their journey back to the capital city.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The Pattaya Railway Station buzzed with activity on April 16 as both locals and tourists wrapped up their Songkran celebrations and began their journey back to Bangkok and other parts of the country after the extended 5-day holiday period.

This year witnessed a particularly lively atmosphere as travellers opted for rail travel to return to the capital. The influx of passengers commenced early in the morning and persisted throughout the day, reflecting the popularity of train travel for the holiday exodus.

Simultaneously, at the shared minibus terminal in Pattaya City, tourists lined up to secure tickets for their return trip to Bangkok. The majority of passengers comprised tourists who had been enjoying their vacation since the government announced the extended holiday.

Minibuses swiftly depart from the Pattaya City terminal, catering to the high demand of eager travellers, as operators increase frequency and extend operating hours for seamless travel.

As minibuses filled up, they departed swiftly to accommodate the eager travellers. Additionally, terminal operators implemented measures to increase bus frequency and extend operating hours, ensuring seamless travel for passengers amidst the high demand.

Given Pattaya’s status as a prominent tourist destination in close proximity to Bangkok, it attracted a substantial influx of visitors during the extended holiday period. This surge in tourism provided a much-needed boost to various sectors, including transportation, retail, and hospitality establishments.