Pattaya police gift safety helmets instead of tickets during Songkran

A motorcyclist and his wife receive safety helmets from Pattaya police during Songkran festivities. While his wife receives one, unfortunately, no baby sizes were available for their infant passenger.

PATTAYA, Thailand – To enhance road safety during the Songkran festivities, the Pattaya City Police Commission opted for a novel approach: gifting safety helmets to motorcyclists instead of issuing fines. Emphasizing the paramount importance of prioritizing safety on the roads, authorities have highlighted the significance of wearing helmets and abstaining from alcohol consumption while driving.

President Chaiyarat Rakthong of the Pattaya City Police Commission, accompanied by officers from the Pattaya City Police Station, and volunteer officers, spearheaded the distribution of safety helmets to motorcyclists found without proper head protection. This proactive initiative, held at a public service point in front of the Big C South Pattaya department store, aimed to mitigate the risk of accidents during the bustling Songkran holidays. Even those who already possessed helmets participated in the exercise so they could receive new helmets.