Nongprue mayor urges responsible behaviour during Songkran festivities

A young woman, dressed in a revealing outfit, participates in Songkran water splashing activities, prompting concerns from Mayor Winai Inpitak about maintaining modest attire and responsible behaviour during the festivities.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The Mayor of Nongprue Municipality, Winai Inpitak, voiced concerns regarding the participation of young people, particularly young women, in water splashing activities during the Songkran festivities. In a bid to uphold cultural traditions and ensure safety, Mayor Inpitak encouraged everyone to dress modestly and engage in water-related activities responsibly, avoiding any behaviour that could compromise safety or lead to misconduct.

With anticipation of heavy traffic congestion and logistical challenges in both Pattaya and Nongprue (East Pattaya) areas during the festivities, municipal authorities have mobilized resources to ensure the safety and convenience of road users. Staff and additional support from local police and administrative officials have been deployed to oversee and facilitate traffic flow, particularly around temples where water splashing activities and ceremonial rituals take place.

Amidst the jubilant celebrations, the municipal administration has also expressed concerns regarding alcohol consumption and its potential implications for public safety. Emphasizing the importance of responsible drinking, Mayor Winai urged revellers to refrain from driving under the influence to prevent accidents and maintain a peaceful atmosphere throughout the festivities.