Songkran tourism on Jomtien beach quieter than expected

Poonsawat Singsawat, a beach umbrella operator, discusses the quieter-than-expected tourism activity at Jomtien Beach during Songkran festivities, attributing it to recent traffic flow adjustments.

PATTAYA, Thailand – As the official Songkran festival holidays drew to a close on April 16, expectations of bustling tourism activity at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya were tempered by observations of a quieter atmosphere than anticipated.

Residents and businesses noted a subdued tourism atmosphere, contrary to the usual bustling crowds associated with Songkran festivities. Poonsawat Singsawat, a 55-year-old beach umbrella operator, revealed that while tourists did visit as usual, their numbers fell short of expectations. She attributed this to recent adjustments in the city’s traffic flow, which may have caused confusion among visitors navigating unfamiliar routes.

Many tourists expressed frustration at having to navigate through unfamiliar streets, echoing concerns about the recent changes in traffic patterns. Despite these challenges, revenue from beach umbrella services remained relatively normal, indicating a steady flow of visitors to the beachfront.

Looking ahead to the finale of the festival, expectations remain subdued, with fewer people anticipated to utilize beach umbrella services. Instead, it is predicted that most revellers will opt to partake in water festivities along the streets, with only a handful choosing to linger by the beach.