Pattaya offering pets free rabies shots, vaccinations

City veterinarians administer vaccinations and sterilization for pet dogs and cats at Chumsai Community.

Pattaya continued its rabies prevention campaigns with more free pet vaccinations.

City public health workers and veterinarians were in the Chumsai Community July 7, administering vaccinations and sterilization for pet dogs and cats.

Sterilization is only offered for Thai-breed animals over six months old and in good health. Animals cannot have food or water for eight to 12 hours beforehand.

Pattaya limits ownership of female dogs and cats to two a household. There’s no limit on male animals.

The next mobile services are set for July 11 at Wat Thamasamakee, on July 18 at Chaimongkol Temple, on July 20 at Boonkanjanaram Temple and Aug. 1 at Mai Hard Krating Thong Temple. Koh Larn residents will get a shot at shots on Aug. 3.

Services are offered 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call 038-111-826 for more information.