Pattaya go-go bar security guard sends guest to hospital … the good way

Wittawat Kruasuan the lead guard at Kink Bar in Soi LK Metro takes the injured foreign customer who badly cut his foot on the back of his motorbike to be treated at the hospital.

A Pattaya go-go bar security guard sent a foreign customer to the hospital, but not the way that too often has occurred.

Wittawat Kruasuan, the lead guard at the Kink bar on Soi LK Metro, flipped the usual script for go-go bar security March 25, providing the drunk, unidentified customer who badly cut his foot on a broken glass first aid before having him transported to the hospital.

Wittawat said he’s aware bar security guards in Pattaya have an awful image, generally seen as thugs who wait for any opportunity to beat up foreign male customers. He said that can’t happen as it affects tourism, which provides him and many others an income.

While he understands that dealing with drunk and rude customers can be difficult, Wittawat said security guards need to be professional and abstain from violence whenever possible.

The unidentified foreign customer who dropped a glass on his leg cutting it badly, gets medical treatment at the hospital.