Pattaya girl stabs foreign boyfriend in violent spat

Photos grabbed from a video clip show the angry woman brandishing a knife before stabbing the foreign man in his left leg.

A family spat between a foreign man and a Thai girl turned violent when the girl stabbed him in the leg. Despite gathering witness testimonies, police could not determine the exact motive behind the incident on the night of June 4.

Bystanders confirmed that there was an intense argument between the unidentified couple. The situation escalated when the woman pulled out a knife, leading the foreign man to defend himself by throwing a chair at her. In a fit of anger, the girl stabbed the man in his left leg.

In search of safety, he sought refuge in front of a nearby shop, where he sat down with the knife still imbedded in his calf. Concerned bystanders promptly intervened to prevent further harm until both individuals eventually went their separate ways, leaving behind a video recording captured by local residents.