Pattaya gas station attendant captured after 360,000 baht theft

The gas station from where Sumet absconded with 358,839 baht on the way to the bank.

Pattaya police captured a gas station attendant who absconded with 360,000 baht intended for the bank.

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Sumet Srihayran, 23, was apprehended in Sa Kaeo Aug. 11 following a police complaint filed by Aungsawee Paisanchotisakul, owner of The One Petroleum on South Pattaya Road. She said Sumet had taken the day’s earnings of 358,839 baht to the bank, but the money was never deposited and Sumet disappeared on the company’s motorbike.

Sumet confessed to the crime, saying he spent almost all the money on gambling.

The Surin native left his own inferior bike behind at the station.

By the time police found Sumet, only 8,000 baht was left. Investigators said Sumet confessed he’d blown the rest on online gambling.

He also confessed, police said, to having stolen money from the company before to cover his gambling losses, but claimed he had always paid it back. This time, however, he lost ten bets in a row and dug a hole he couldn’t get out of.

No mention was made of who the gambling sharks were or if they were a target of a police investigation.