Pattaya ex-monk returns to temple with burglary in mind

Abbot Tavorn Tanwaro found that one of the locks had been broken during a burglary attempt at the temple.

A just-retired Pattaya monk was caught returning to the temple where he served to allegedly burglarize a fellow priest’s quarters.

The unidentified suspect had left the monkhood at Sutthawat Temple two days earlier and was caught trying to break into the dormitory room of Samutsamreung Kunjajo, a monk with whom he had collected alms with on his last day.

The suspect failed in his burglary attempt. He broke the lock to the dorm, but was thwarted by a second security door.

Abbot Tavorn Tanwaro chastised the man, saying he understood economic times were hard, but crime was not the alternative, especially committing a crime against a temple.

The abbot didn’t press charges because no property was taken.