Pattaya disaster unit rescues flood-trapped residents in Jomtien community

Heavy monsoonal rain washed away whole areas of Wat Boonkanchanaram in Jomtien.

The damage caused by the thunderstorms and floods on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Sept. 7 & 8, was widespread. No part of Pattaya was spared from the wrath of the natural calamity.

Whole areas of Wat Boonkanchanaram in Jomtien were underwater or washed away.

The Wat Boonkanchana Road is a natural waterway and rainwater flows along this road down to the sea at Jomtien Beach.

Wednesday’s deluge was so heavy that the powerful surge of water above and below the road eroded the ground, washing away parts of the street on its relentless rush to the sea.

Not even the most powerful pumps could keep up with the deluge on Thepprasit Soi 7.

After the rains eased, Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawad and his team visited the affected area with rubber rafts to rescue stranded people and distribute food and amenities.

Engineers installed huge water pumps to drain the water out of people’s homes and flooded streets.

The city engineering department assigned their construction team to urgently repair and rebuild roads and public utilities severely damaged by the floods.

Rescue craft bring inundated residents to safety.

Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawad and his team arrived to assess the situation and put into motion that which was needed.

A scene from Wat Boonkanchanaram Road – the entire city turned into a “Venice of the East.”

Jomtien Beach sand didn’t stand a chance against Mother Nature’s fury.