Pattaya children’s playground in sorry state of disrepair

After starting out with such promise, the children’s playground on Jomtien Beach has fallen into disrepair due to neglect.

A beautiful children’s playground which stands on Jomtien Beach was built a few years ago so that people of all nationalities could bring their children to play and exercise in the safe enclosed area while their parents or guardians could sit on benches and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the sea, sand and stunning sunset.

Unfortunately, during the past few years, the beauty and functionality of the playground have fallen into a sorry state of disrepair.

One can blame the cause of the decay on the natural elements, being so close to the beach, but residents in the area know better and blame it on the negligence of the Pattaya city workers responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this valuable public property.

One resident living nearby said, “I remember the day the playground was opened. We were so happy and grateful that the city fathers thought of our children’s health and wellbeing and built a lovely playground for them to play in.

Nature always finds a way – grass has sprouted through the cracks in the concrete.

“But like all projects in Pattaya, it’s always a big show when they build something and then let it fall to pieces. It’s such a waste of taxpayers’ money.

“We call upon the city fathers to remedy the situation immediately. Please repair the playground so our children will have a safe and clean area to play in once again”.

Rusty fence posts, equipment in dire need of repair, it’s no wonder families don’t bring their children here anymore.
Neglected spots always seem to some to be a good place to discard their trash.