Pattaya beachfront beautification project ahead of schedule

Scenic view of Pattaya’s beachfront undergoing revitalization, promising a vibrant and inviting coastal experience.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya City delivered promising progress updates on the beachfront landscape transformation project on February 16, showcasing significant advancements in revitalizing Pattaya’s iconic coastline.

With a budget of 166 million Baht, the ambitious initiative, dubbed “Pattaya New Look,” aims to breathe new life into the entire stretch of Pattaya’s shoreline, spanning from the northern to the southern reaches of the city. Spearheaded by the city administration, the project has enlisted the expertise of Nong Nooch Landscape and Garden Design Co., Ltd. to conceptualize and execute the transformation.

Key highlights of the comprehensive project include the expansion of roadways to enhance accessibility for both residents and tourists. Notably, a substantial portion of the construction spanning a 3-kilometer stretch has been completed, featuring the installation of aesthetically pleasing asphalt. Additionally, the project entails the refurbishment of footpaths from Dusit Thani Curve to the Walking Street entrance, with on-going work concentrated in the area adjacent to Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

The contractor has made swift progress in installing footpath pavers and lighting fixtures, with enhancements to the footpath near the shopping centre currently underway. Furthermore, the project includes the extension of seafront parking areas along Pattaya Beach Soi 4 until central Pattaya, providing space for up to 90 vehicles. Additionally, three public shower points have been established at North Pattaya, Central Pattaya, and South Pattaya, with one already operational, garnering positive feedback from residents and visitors alike.

Originally slated for completion in 2025, the project’s efficient progress, with over 80% already completed, has prompted authorities to anticipate an early completion by mid-2024.