Pattaya Beach Songkran bash leaves 20 tons of garbage in its wake

The city sanitation team armed with brooms, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies, works tirelessly to eliminate all traces of the previous day’s revelry along Pattaya Beach Road, collecting an estimated 20 tons of waste from the area and its surroundings.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Following the celebrations of Pattaya Songkran ‘Wan Lai’ Day, the area along Pattaya Beach Road was inundated with tons of garbage from the previous day’s revelries. Late at night after most of the people had dispersed, city hall mobilized cleanup crews to restore cleanliness along the beachfront.

Commencing at the early hour of 4 a.m. on April 20, the cleanup operation, utilizing a fleet of four water trucks, the city sanitation team, worked to eliminate all traces of the previous day’s revelry before the break of dawn. Armed with brooms, garbage bags, and an array of cleaning supplies, the team meticulously swept, gathered debris, and painstakingly washed the sidewalks and surrounding areas. As daylight gradually illuminated the horizon, the fruits of the cleanup efforts became apparent. An estimated 20 tons of waste were collected from the Pattaya Beach Road area and its vicinity.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai underscored Pattaya City’s steadfast commitment to cleanliness and the cultivation of a hospitable environment for both residents and visitors. He lauded the tireless efforts of the city sanitation staff, whom he described as the “unsung heroes” working behind the scenes.