Jilted transvestite throws beer bottle at tourist’s face in Pattaya

(Top) CCTV footage captures the moment when Saksit W., a jilted transvestite, throws a beer bottle at the victim sitting inside the Golden Sea Bar. (Bottom) Following the incident, police officers swiftly arrested the suspect and interrogated him at the police station.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A transvestite was arrested for assaulting  a foreign male tourist in Pattaya. The incident occurred on April 16, around 3:50 a.m. at the Golden Sea Bar in Soi Bua Khao, when Saksit W., a 26-year-old transgender woman threw a beer bottle at the face of a foreign male tourist, causing injury.

After his arrest Saksit admitted to the offense, stating that the altercation ensued when the foreign male attempted to solicit him for intimate relations but refused to pay the agreed-upon fee of 1,000 baht. Frustrated by the lack of payment, Saksit rode a motorbike passing the bar and threw a beer bottle at the tourist who was sitting at the bar front. Police said that Saksit will face charges of physical harm and causing public annoyance and disturbances.