Newly asphalted road on Pattaya hill damaged by negligent road builders

Damage on Phra Tamnak Road caused by premature road opening during asphalt laying, resulting in compression and sliding of unset asphalt, known as “flooding.”

PATTAYA, Thailand – Prompted by numerous complaints from residents regarding significant flaws on Phra Tamnak Road, despite recent resurfacing with new asphalt, a team from the Pattaya City complaint department conducted an on-site inspection on May 20.The contractor admitted that the damage occurred due to traffic congestion during asphalt laying, which forced workers to open the road prematurely, before the necessary 24-48 hours for the asphalt to set.

Large vehicles turning from Arthachinda Road caused the unset asphalt to compress and slide, resulting in engineering “flooding.” Pattaya City became aware of this issue in early May and instructed the Engineering Office to address it, although repair work was initially delayed due to poor weather and rain. The contractor has now completed repairs to the 30-meter damaged section of the asphalt-concrete road. The asphalt-concrete overlay was finished in one day, followed by two days of road closure to allow proper setting. A survey found no other areas of damage. Under the contract, the contractor is responsible for maintaining the project for two years.

The contractor has now completed repairs on the asphalt-concrete road in Pattaya, with a swift overlay process followed by road closure for proper setting.

Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai informed reporters that the city had contracted CS Construction and Transport Co., Ltd., to refurbish the asphalt-concrete road surface, covering a 2,111-meter stretch from Sor Tor Ror 5 Hill (Naval Radio Station Hill) to the Third Road intersection down the hill. Divided into three phases, the work involved overlaying a new asphalt-concrete surface due to the deterioration of the old road. The Pattaya City Council allocated a budget of 11,625,000 baht for the project, which was completed in April 2024. However, the city had not officially accepted the project due to on-going rain in the area.