Tourists flock to Koh Larn from Pattaya Bali Hai Pier

Ferries now depart immediately upon reaching full capacity. A mere 30 baht per person per trip ensures budget-friendly travel. Kids under 90 centimetres tall ride free.

PATTAYA, Thailand –  Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya transformed into a bustling hub of activity on March 23, as tourists both local and international, converged on the island gateway, eager to embark on passenger boats bound for the idyllic retreat of Koh Larn Island.

To ensure a seamless experience for travellers, Pattaya authorities deployed specialized personnel were deployed with the sole mission to provide close assistance and convenience, with particular focus on facilitating transportation for elderly passengers. Among the services offered were golf cart shuttles, ensuring accessibility and comfort for all visitors. The pier area remained under the vigilant watch of port authority officials, guaranteeing safety throughout the duration of their boat travels.

Local boat operators proclaim that the increasing popularity of Koh Larn among travellers comes from the island’s pristine natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and serene ambiance which have become irresistible draws. Coupled with a wide range of homestay accommodations and dining options, Koh Larn continues to attract a significant influx of tourists on a daily basis – even during regular weekdays. And when extended weekends or holidays roll around, the influx intensifies, prompting ferry operators to adjust schedules accordingly to accommodate the heightened demand.

In response to the surge in visitors, ferry operators have made a strategic shift. Instead of adhering to scheduled departures every 30 minutes, they now offer immediate departures as soon as boats reach full capacity. This adjustment aims to enhance convenience and efficiency in travel. Fear not about fares – the cost remains consistent at a reasonable 30 Baht per person per trip. Moreover, children under 90 centimetres in height enjoy free passage, reflecting the operators’ commitment to providing inclusive and affordable transportation options for all travellers.

Golf cart shuttles provided at Bali Hai Pier ensure accessibility and comfort for all visitors, with a focus on facilitating transportation for elderly passengers.