Naked foreign man agitates public along Pattaya Beach promenade

Police were finally able to subdue the incoherent unidentified foreign man who walked around Beach Road stark naked. He was taken away from public view as quickly as possible.

An unidentified foreign tourist caused quite a commotion on Pattaya Beach Road during the early hours of July 29, prompting a swift response from Pattaya police, who, upon arrival, encountered a disoriented middle-aged foreign man, approximately 45-50 years old, wandering along the promenade completely naked, causing concern among onlookers.

Despite challenges in communication due to his incoherent state, the officers managed to calm him down after 15 minutes of patient effort. They convinced him to accompany them to the nearby police station for further assessment. As a precaution, the police covered the man’s face to maintain tranquility during the process, but he remained agitated.

As of this report, the authorities have been unable to identify the tourist’s nationality or true identity. They are appealing to the public for any information that could assist in their investigation. Potential witnesses are urged to come forward and provide details at the Pattaya City Police Station.