2 men dump unconscious woman on Walking Street

A paramedic administers first aid to the unconscious Ms. Duangporn who was dumped by two men in the middle of the road on Walking Street.

Pattaya, Thailand – The bustling streets of South Pattaya were rattled by a shocking incident on July 29, prompting concerns about public safety in the well-known entertainment district. Paramedics from a rescue unit responded to a distress call reporting an unconscious person lying in the middle of the road on Walking Street.

Upon arriving at the scene, the rescue workers provided first aid to the unconscious woman, later identified as Ms. Duangporn, before rushing her to a local hospital for urgent medical attention.

A witness, 25-year-old Ms. Sasikan, who is an employee at a nearby bar and a local food stall worker, recounted a puzzling sight earlier that morning. She noticed two men dressed as nightclub security guards, supporting the unconscious woman on the street. Sasikan invited the men into her stall, but they blatantly refused. Shortly thereafter, the men dumped Ms. Duangporn in the middle of the road and disappeared without a trace.

As investigations into the incident continue, the rescue team has yet to determine the cause of Ms. Duangporn’s sudden collapse and unconsciousness. Authorities are taking this incident seriously and are actively working to identify and locate the two pitiless men involved.