Suspect hunted for attempted murder of 25-year-old woman

Paramedics rush Khanitha to a hospital in critical condition, after her ex-boyfriend shot her with a .38 caliber handgun.

Pattaya, Thailand – A young man remains at large after allegedly shooting and severely injuring his ex-girlfriend in Nongprue sub-district. The incident occurred on July 28, when the suspect relentlessly followed the victim to a room behind the Nongprue Fresh Market where the shooting occurred.

The victim, identified as Miss Khanitha Anam, 25, sustained a bullet wound on her right side, which passed through her back. She was found in critical condition and bleeding profusely when first responders arrived. After providing initial medical aid, she was promptly rushed to the hospital for further treatment.

Witnesses identified the suspect as “Game” Khanitha’s ex-boyfriend, who had a history of threatening her. Game fled the scene before the police arrived, but a .38 caliber bullet casing was left behind as crucial evidence.

According to Khanitha’s sister, the victim had sought help when Game shot her after attempting to end their abusive relationship. A previous incident where he threatened her with a firearm at her doorstep had been reported to the Nongprue Police Station, but no action was taken at the time. Authorities have launched a manhunt to apprehend the suspect and are gathering evidence to proceed with legal action against him.